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Date of Release: Jun 5, 2008 
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Stanley Cup Final Post-Game Quotes, Game 6 - Detroit (Televised Interviews)
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Q.         Chris, congratulations. How did you achieve this?
            CHRIS OSGOOD: It's tough. It's never easy. Toughest trophy in sports to win; it lives for that name every year, that nickname. It was difficult, again. Pittsburgh is a great young team. Gave us all we could handle. Probably one of the most difficult series I've played in a while. They have a talented team. They held on right to the end again. They kept pushing us still.
            Q. When you won it in '98, you were in tears. And you went through such a ride to get that first Cup; is there a difference?
            CHRIS OSGOOD: A little older and wiser. More relaxed now. I just had a great time. It's fun playing for these guys. They're awesome. We knew coming here to win tonight was a tough building to play in, but we played great.
            Q. How about a comment on some of your teammates that caught your eye, things that stood out?
            CHRIS OSGOOD: Kronwall was awesome. Niklas Kronwall was awesome all playoffs. Hudler. Of course, Pavel and Henrik do everything good. They're complete players, kind of molded by Steve Yzerman. They're our leaders now. And Nicklas Lidstrom, you can't say enough about him. Even after the last game we had no panic, and he was a big reason why.
Q.         Mike Babcock, congratulations. The hockey gods, you always said they're the fairest of them all. You really earned it. Well done. What a dramatic win.
            COACH MIKE BABCOCK: Well, it was outstanding. We got great players, and we played hard all year. You know, for over three years we've been a pretty good hockey club. And with the leadership of Lidstrom and Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Draper, Chelios, pretty special group.
Q.         And the play he made, two plays actually on the power play goal in the first period?
            COACH MIKE BABCOCK: Well, unbelievable but to me, the five?on?three again. Just the things he can do without the puck makes him so special, because you never have to worry about matchups with a guy. You're not hiding your best players. And with Pavel and him, they're so good defensively, you can play them in all situations. Makes it easy for the coach.
            Q. You mentioned all the best players. Anybody that maybe was unheralded through and paved the way for the title?
            COACH MIKE BABCOCK: I sure thought Holmstrom coming into the playoff time, he hurt his knee tonight and couldn't play. But he gave us a fourth line. We were lacking in that area. He gave us real good speed. Just guys like Draper and Dallas Drake, who I couldn't be happier for. What a great story right there. And then Osgood, I mean Osgood, he's really bettered himself, and he got us here and he won the Cup again.
Q.         Nicklas Lidstrom, the first year of being captain to hoist the Stanley Cup. Congratulations, Nick. Can you put it into perspective?
            NICKLAS LIDSTROM: Thank you. This is just a great feeling. Great overall effort from the team, and especially the way we responded here in Game 6. Losing the heart break at home took a little time, but coming in here and playing as well as we did, it was a great team effort.
            Q. Takes me back to 2002 when you went down 2?0 in the first series, and you said: We cannot fall apart. That was you that said that?
            NICKLAS LIDSTROM: We came back being tied 2?2 against Nashville in the first round. And it was a big, important win for us. And I think that got the team going, too. It's tough even the first time ? it's tough to play, so it's great to see the team get going early on.
            Q. Couple of players that maybe stood out for you on your team in this run?
            NICKLAS LIDSTROM: Zetterberg, of course. He's been so stellar, both offense and defense. He's out there killing penalties, and he's scoring goals and setting out goals for us. He's been very important. And Datsyuk, same way. And Chris Osgood is tremendous since he came in to that first series.
Q.         What a goal you scored. That was a Stanley Cup winning goal, thrill of a lifetime. Well done. How did you do it?
            HENRIK ZETTERBERG: Thank you. It's been unbelievable, the whole series. It's tough when we lost the last game. But we battled through that and came back today and played unbelievable.
            Q. What do you remember, Henrik, about the game tonight, the pregame when you and Datsyuk met just in the room before the game, what kinds of things were you saying to yourself to get energy, to get faith?
            HENRIK ZETTERBERG: Well, just keep going, do the right things out there. And not try and do too much. Just go out and play our game and hopefully it was enough. And it was tonight.
            Q. 210th draft choice. Is it true that Darren McCarty ran you ragged as you came to your first the training camp? Is that just a myth or did they really test you, and how did you establish yourself as the star you've become?
            HENRIK ZETTERBERG: Yeah, I had a tough first training camp. Ran me over a few times, but right after the camp he came and apologized and said Ken Holland told him to do it. So it was okay.
Q.         That might seem a little odd to bring ownership into the equation, but you four Cups in 10 years, Mike and Marian. I'll never forget in '97 when you were going through a difficult time. You really are, Scotty Bowman says, the magic behind this success. So Marian I'll let you speak first, watching this Cup, what it meant?
            MARIAN ILITCH: Well, treated ? I guess we look at our team like family. We've been together since 1982. And we've been through some very, very rough times, as you know. We all grew up together, and I thank God for Jimmy Devellano. He told us that we have to build through the draft. That's what he told us.
            And he finally convinced Mike and I and here we are. Thank you, Jimmy.
            Q. I remember in '85, remember you spent all the money, it was big headlines in the hockey news, checkbook hockey, and Ray said not to bring you into this, but some of the dollars you spent added out to a good win. What do you think about tonight and this win?
            MIKE ILITCH: Well, it was a great playoff, you know. Pittsburgh is a great team. And we had our hands full, and we're very grateful. It's nice winning a fourth Cup, it really is.
Q.         Chris Chelios and Darren McCarty, congratulations. Two great NHL stars. Chris, what are your thoughts on the title run?
            CHRIS CHELIOS: It's the same old thing. It's so hard to explain in words. It's the greatest feeling in the world. I'm glad I hung around to see this and be in this again. Congratulations to the city of Detroit, our teammates. It's the best feeling you could have in hockey, right here.
            Q. Can you pick out some highlights about players that stood out, I mean, you really kind of ran your way through. Pittsburgh was no easy task, but you were so professional and so disciplined to get that?
            CHRIS CHELIOS: Like I said, we've been there before. The experience, I think that paid off in the end. We held our composure throughout everything, through adversity. Beat a great team in Pittsburgh, skilled team. But like I said, it's been a great year. We capped it off the way we should have, and we're all pretty excited.
            Q. Darren, I saw your mom, Roberta. She was so happy the other night. Obviously, not at home, but in Pittsburgh in Game 4 when you were going home with a chance to win. Everybody's so proud of you and what you've achieved here. What are you feeling?
            DARREN McCARTY: Well, you know, I owe a lot of people a lot of thanks. You know, people in the organization. My teammates for believing in me and sort of a long road back. And this is what it's all about, just to be able to be a part of it, and to play a bit of a role throughout the playoffs and to get in and to feel such a part of it.
            And there's so many people to thank for it. But this is what it's all about. And I want to say a quick hi to everybody in Calgary who means a lot to me. So this is unbelievable. And my dad in Edmonton, too.
Q.         Pavel Datsyuk, what a play you made to get it out to Henrik. You are unbelievable with your stick, that play you made, the game?winning goal. And then you almost helped to put it in. Tell us what it feels to win the Cup and the goal that won it for you?
            PAVEL DATSYUK: I have to say, I'm emotional now. I'm not sure about it, but it looked like one more game. But I think it would be more like coming through, but now it's more exciting stuff. And I don't ? you asked me about the last goal or something, but I don't remember the last goal.
            Q. That was a beauty. Pittsburgh Penguins gave you all you could handle. Pavel, tell us what it was like to play that team with Malkin and Crosby and obviously the difficult guys like Roberts?
            PAVEL DATSYUK: Fast team, quick with turnovers. What we tried to do, we know he have, like, good offensive. And then we try to keep it more, like, offensive. In Pittsburgh zone. Played a little bit handle in their zone. I'm happy we win, but we always win on the road. It's good for us.
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